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Nordic Wooden Table Lamp

Nordic Wooden Table Lamp

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Wooden Table Lamp with Vase Light Design - Product Description 

Nordic Wooden Table Lamp

Introducing our Nordic Wooden Table Lamp – an exquisite piece that combines functionality and artistic elegance. The Nordic Wooden Table Lamp frosted glass body allows for creative DIY customization, while the solid wood base adds a touch of simplicity and beauty. Enjoy infinite dimming options to create the perfect ambiance, and embrace the cost-saving benefits of LED technology. With a USB plug for convenient charging, this lamp is safe, durable, and ready to enhance your space.

  • Nordic Wooden Table Lamp Vase Light Design: Add an artistic touch to your space with the frosted glass lampshade and solid wood base.
  • Infinite Dimming: Create the perfect ambiance with adjustable brightness levels and infinite dimming options.
  • Cost-saving LED Technology: Energy-efficient LED bulbs consume less power, reducing electricity costs.
  • Convenient USB Plug: Easily charge the lamp with the included USB plug, providing safety and convenience.
  • Suitable for Various Spaces: Perfect for 5-20 square meter areas, bringing elegance and coziness to any room.

Our Nordic Wooden Table Lamp is designed for anyone seeking a stylish and functional lighting solution. Whether you're a fan of wood base lamps, boho table lamp aesthetics, or natural wood elements, this lamp will beautifully complement your decor. Use it as a table lamp to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home or office.

Note: This lamp is designed for use with the included USB plug and is not battery-operated or rechargeable. The input voltage is 5V. Lamp replacement is not supported.

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